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In the world buying and selling where everything is for the taking, there are a million inefficiency issues that plague the entire marketplace. Proper and fair transaction taking place is almost a rarity these days. People are forced to avail of hiked or inflated prices almost on a daily basis. The condition of the products is, at most times, shoddy to say the least. Cases of fraudulent and cheating plague customers almost regularly. To tackle all of this, any plucky human from the masses can determinedly hope to build an online marketplace for the masses. Such an online website should be able to handle all online transactions between parties efficiently and both should be able to connect together with the help of a digital platform that is the marketplace itself.


An E-commerce app should always support some basic features that are more like unwritten rules rather than established guidelines in and on itself. Some of these features that are used to connect with and entice the customers into trusting the portal are listed below:


  Customized offers, seasonal sales, discounts etc. that sounds free or is in a lower number category than its base price generally attracts the majority of customer’s attention. Almost every online e-commerce website has used this plan to improve their chances of success.


·         Leaving an initial positive impression on the minds of the customers goes a long way in order to gain the customers’ trust and goodwill over a long period of time. This can be achieved by giving them, discounts, cash back offers or by giving personalized discounts especially on their birthdays or anniversaries.


      Sharing the shopping experience on various social media platforms will help your app to get the word out to the public. The traffic might expect a surge in that case.


A mobile store app can be built, deployed and then maintained quite easily and it can support buy/sell/rent any new or old items which are available from various sellers who are registered and are allowed to create their own listings of the goods or products. The marketplace owners, on the other hand, have an extensive amount of work to complete in order to run a fully operational e-commerce marketplace. They need to create a business plan and decide on what type of market they want to cater to in order to fully move on forward to the development phase. A project plan needs to be estimated and documented, and various strategies and plans need to be formulated for attracting buyers and sellers both.


Before starting the development process for the app, the customers’ wants and the challenges they face with existing applications need to be determined. A research team also needs to be formed and operated in order to determine the various trends and fashion within the market. The app that is to be built has to incorporate some unique features which were not available before in order to stand out from the rest of the competition. It must also target a specific audience initially before branching out to other territories. Online e-commerce mobile apps marketplace can be differentiated into two distinct categories:


A ·         Horizontal marketplace that houses a large variety of products and services like Amazon, Flipkart, OLX etc.


·         Vertical marketplace that specializes in a particular variety of products or services.


It is generally regarded that horizontal services boast wide sales figures and customer base. Ideas that are off-the-wall may boost the mobile app with features that can give the app a unique identity and vibe. But, these ideas must be well tested through demos and other trial methods for determining its viability. Last but not the least, a dedicated and accomplished team of developers needs to be formed in order to efficiently produce and deploy the app within an estimated time and budget.


There are many various challenges that one may face while undertaking such a project. Disconnect between buyers and sellers, lack of information, trust issues and the issue of a crumbling revenue models are some of the many major setbacks that a project of such a magnitude and nature may encounter. That’s why every marketplace on any domain is not always reliable and a series of productive and efficient interactions need to happen between the buyers and sellers. Marketplace apps should always be developed keeping in mind the current trends in the market and also the future potential of embryonic markets. Another issue that one may face is finding and implementing correct revenue sources in order to collect revenue and keep the business running. All these features and points that have been focused on can ensure the planning, development, deployment of a successful e-commerce marketplace mobile app.11


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